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As with any investment the objective is having faith that you’re making the right decision. It’s only natural to ask “how much does it cost”? But the more important consideration is, “how will the investment help my bottom line”?

The first consideration of pricing is qualifying expectation. This program is designed to accomplish one purpose; to increase the flow of new patients into your practice. Each practice is different, so we can’t predict exactly how many new patients will result. But, when implemented correctly, not only is the cost of this program quickly recovered, the flow of new patients continues to add value to the practice for years into the future.

What is the “value” of a new patient?
 One popular formula suggests the lifetime value of a new patient is $25,000. Let’s assume the average patient relationship lasts 10 years. Then lets assume the average patient brings in an average production value of $500 per year. And over that ten year period, this patient will refer an average of 4 new patients. So, lets do the math. That adds up to $25K. With the help of the Referral Program that formula only improves – significantly.

We offer several options for implementing the Referral Program and its Social Media portion for your practice:

1. The Patient Referral Program (Print and Mailing Campaign)

2. Patient Referral Program with Facebook (Full Print Program with Facebook Integration)

3. The Facebook Patient Referral Program (Without Printed Campaign)

4. The Facebook Add-on (For Practices Already Using the Sum Media Print Referral Program).

Exact Cost Proposal – Once we have a count of your active patients we can customize a cost proposal for your practice. We can even workout a payment plan that fits your budget. Call us today and lets get started.

From Dr. Chris Hammond:

“Sum Media’s referral appreciation program really changed our practice. It makes asking for referrals fun and easy for even our newest team members. Best of all, it works. Our new patient numbers are up a consistent 30% since we started two years ago. Just do it!

From Dr. Henry Pinkney:

“Sum Media’s referral program is going very well. Our staff is very dedicated and enthusiastic about it, which is essential for success.It has single-handedly increased our new patient flow by 30-40 patients a month.”